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Depression…a good summary

WHAT IS DEPRESSION OR DEPRESSIVE ILLNESS? We use the term “depression” in normal conversation to describe distress or unhappiness following an unpleasant event that has happened to us. This depression is a perfectly normal response of course, is usually short-lived, and usually resolves rapidly, without the need for any specific treatment. In contrast, depressive illness, […]

Dealing with Stress

Advice for dealing with stress There are a number of components to helping yourself cope with stress. A. Problem Solving Approaches Stress can be most effectively dealt with by using your logic and your intelligence to help you reason out the situation, rather than being swept away in panic and despair by your emotions. Various […]

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Signs of being stressed

SIGNS OF BEING STRESSED, and who is vulnerable Everyone in life has pressures on them, but we tend to cope better with normal pressures or stresses if we have had experience in dealing with them before, and if we feel we can cope with the situations and with those pressures. However, new, difficult and outside […]

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