Here you will find a collection of helpful articles with suicide help and information, whether for yourself or another person. Articles are listed down the right hand side of this page and include

Consider Medical or Professional Help:

Dealing with suicidal thoughts is not always something you can manage on your own. Consider calling one of the helplines listed on this website or take other action for yourself or to support another person.

There are a number of psychological illnesses, which distort people’s thinking and let them see only negatives in life;  this can make suicide seem attractive. Illnesses, such as depression, panic, alcohol problems, bipolar illness, schizophrenia etc. etc. can all change people’s outlook. It is often hard to convince a friend that their strongly-held viewpoint about how dreadful their life is, can actually be  a symptom of illness. It is like your friend is looking at the world through damaged glasses, seeing only blackness and despair.

It can be very useful to persuade them that you go to a doctor or other professional with your friend, tell the doctor what has been said, and then leave the room so the doctor can talk to your friend and intervene appropriately.

Seek Support for Yourself

It is emotionally draining to be trying to help anyone who is considering suicide. Make sure you look after your own safety both physically and emotionally. Remember if someone has decided to end there life it is their decision; what ever you have done to try and help will not have been a cause  of their death. You are a friend, not a trained professional. If you find yourself in this situation seek help for yourself.


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