Stopping arguments

Dealing with conflict Conflict is a major source of stress in the life of many people.  It is important to be calmly confident if possible, when facing a conflict situation.  It is also very useful to KEEP YOUR VOICE DOWN when in a conflict situation, thus automatically pressurising the other person to do the same. […]

Improving your Relationship

IMPROVING YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR PARTNER A good relationship, in which you can talk to your partner about anything and everything is THE MOST IMPORTANT PROTECTION AGAINST DEVELOPING DEPRESSION at times of stress.  On the other hand, difficulties in the relationship between two people is one of the most common causes of depression.  The following […]

Do You Have A Suicidal Friend?

Your suicidal friend may not even ask for help but that doesn’t mean that your help isn’t needed and wanted. You have to remember that most suicidal individuals are neither threatening suicide to call attention to themselves nor attempting suicide to die – these tortured individuals just want to stop their inner pain. With such […]

Things that help now

Suicidal thoughts can be beaten! They are distorted information taking over your thinking when you are feeling down If your suicidal ideas are strong, the following tips may help you. 1) Try to see the suicidal ideas as symptoms of an illness, not part of you. They are alien thoughts trying to destroy you. Get help from family, […]

Suicidal Ideas due to Problems

SUICIDAL IDEAS DUE TO PROBLEMS: Yes, it may cross your mind when you have a problem that not being alive would remove you from that problem. However, you would never advise a friend to try to solve a problem using this approach, so why not keep in mind very clearly what you would tell a […]

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Stress & Depression like Cancer

DEPRESSION IS MENTAL CANCER: Like many other illnesses cancers, depression creeps over people slowly, so that they barely notice the early symptoms, such as being very tired, losing enjoyment in the normal things of life, and not being able to think clearly or read like before. The illness goes on to take over more and […]

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