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Depression Among Teenagers

It is now increasingly obvious to doctors that depression among teenagers happens to more young people than was previously understood.   Depression can make you think there is nothing in your life, or in your future, except negatives, but this is how depression tries to kill you.   It is a filter that sends messages over your […]

Teen Suicide Prevention

There is nothing more tragic than a young person feeling as if they have no other option than to end their own life. When the general public hears about these type of tragedies, they wonder to themselves why a young person whose life is filled with promise would feel as if their life isn’t worth […]

As young people see Life

Core Message: Although it is hard to believe, many things that seem huge when you are young will seem very minor years later.   How many people will remember a problem 10 years later, or even one year later?   Bad times always change, and depression will always fade away, with or without treatment. Depending on our […]

Stopping arguments

Dealing with conflict Conflict is a major source of stress in the life of many people.  It is important to be calmly confident if possible, when facing a conflict situation.  It is also very useful to KEEP YOUR VOICE DOWN when in a conflict situation, thus automatically pressurising the other person to do the same. […]

Improving your Relationship

IMPROVING YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR PARTNER A good relationship, in which you can talk to your partner about anything and everything is THE MOST IMPORTANT PROTECTION AGAINST DEVELOPING DEPRESSION at times of stress.  On the other hand, difficulties in the relationship between two people is one of the most common causes of depression.  The following […]

Depression…a good summary

WHAT IS DEPRESSION OR DEPRESSIVE ILLNESS? We use the term “depression” in normal conversation to describe distress or unhappiness following an unpleasant event that has happened to us. This depression is a perfectly normal response of course, is usually short-lived, and usually resolves rapidly, without the need for any specific treatment. In contrast, depressive illness, […]