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Depression Among Teenagers

It is now increasingly obvious to doctors that depression among teenagers happens to more young people than was previously understood.   Depression can make you think there is nothing in your life, or in your future, except negatives, but this is how depression tries to kill you.   It is a filter that sends messages over your […]

Teen Suicide Prevention

There is nothing more tragic than a young person feeling as if they have no other option than to end their own life. When the general public hears about these type of tragedies, they wonder to themselves why a young person whose life is filled with promise would feel as if their life isn’t worth […]

As young people see Life

Core Message: Although it is hard to believe, many things that seem huge when you are young will seem very minor years later.   How many people will remember a problem 10 years later, or even one year later?   Bad times always change, and depression will always fade away, with or without treatment. Depending on our […]

Stress Management for Women

Depending on where a woman is in her life she may feel overloaded, or unable to cope with the responsibilities that she has. Women are known as the great ‘multi taskers’ but that doesn’t mean that they don’t sometimes require downtime which is where stress management for women is important.   The types of stressors […]


RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS Relationships with partners, friends and family are very important, and women in particular, are very aware of this fact. Accordingly, problems and arguments in relationships can feel extremelypainful and seem overwhelming. In crisis situations such as this, people sometimes have thoughts of suicide to escape the situation. However, do keep in mind that life and relationships […]

Other Solutions

Talking, excercise, medication, rest. Talking to a friend, or even spending time with a friend without talking, can be extremely helpful when you are distressed. If friends are not available there are 24hr helplines who will talk to you in confidence, they will not ask for your name or try to trace you phone number. Counsellors, psychologists […]